Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fall Color

 Fall Color (Kaylee Brown)
12"X24" Oil on Linen
This is a painting I started yesterday and finished today!  Kaylee and her friend were posing for me.  I loved the light!  I love the Crepe Myrtle she is leaning against.  I've used this area before.  It's very cozy and rarely in direct sun.  We were in Wyoming for my father's funeral last week and while we were there I stopped into the Hen House and found the great hat Kaylee is wearing and the jacket.
Detail of the face and hands

My wonderful father always encouraged me in my pursuit of art.  My mother painted a bit but my dad was very artistic as well.  He made beautiful jewelry and of course gold crowns.  He taught me how to make things in wax and cast them into gold or silver.  He was so generous with his time and knowledge as well as his gold.  I treasure the memories I have with him and all the lovely things that he made.  He is one of the finest men I've ever known and I'm so grateful that he was my dad.  Thank you for financing and encouraging me.  Scott M. Welch, you are my hero.


  1. Its gorgeous as is Kaylee! :) Sending you loving thoughts about your sweet Dad...

  2. What a treasure to have your Dad's talents and memories. Love the picture of Kaylee, the hat and iron piece on the fence. This post explains a lot of who you are :)