Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Best of Show

My painting "Bunmi" won Best of Show in the 2012 WAL fall judged show.  I entered two paingings in the professional division.  Pictured here with me is the judge June Dudley who is a Contemporary Western and Poetic Landscape artist here in Texas.
Interesting side note here...  I was late getting to the awards and critique.  The judge had already announced the winner and talked about my paintings.  I snuck in and sat by Pam a lady I had recently met at the Monday life group I've been attending.  She told me I won and brought my arrival to the attention of the judge.  When she confirmed that I had won Best of Show, I'm ashamed to say, I squealed and jumped in the air with my fist raised and landed with a "yes!"  The above picture was taken right after the before mentioned incident.
My painting "Jordan Arbour" won 2nd!  Needless to say it was a very exciting day!

I could not have done it without my boys.  Carl and Coulter were good enough to take the paintings to the venue and get me in the show.  I was playing the piano for Kaylee at her solo and ensemble competition.  By the way she sang beautifully and received I's on both of her pieces.  I couldn't have shown the large painting of Jordan with out the help of Andy Cook.  She  was kind enough to lend me an easel sturdy enough to hold this incredibly framed, large and now heavy painting.  It takes two people to move it!  Thanks guys!
At the end of this great day I found that the only thing missing was the opportunity to share it with my parents.  My mother upon hearing of my small success would have been broadcasting the news to all who would listen.  I miss my biggest fan and am so grateful that she took me to her art classes when I was little and was constantly encouraging me in my artistic pursuits. 
My sweet mother was showing photos of my work to a man as she waited to have her eyes checked at my brothers office.  Of course she was thrilled, and a little skeptical,  to find that the gentleman beside her was an artist too and wanted to see more.  When she called me later that night and was telling me about the interaction she said that he was very complimentary.  "She could make a living at this" the man said.  When she was called back to finish her exam she was retelling the interchange to my brother, Dr. Barry Welch of Northern Wyoming Opthamology.  Barry, knowing how much pride mom takes in her children, was delighted to ask her "Do you know who that was?"  Of course she didn't, even if she did I'm not sure she would have recognized him as her eyes were dilated.  "That's Jimmie Bama!"  James Bama the incredible Western Artist had just been Kathleened.  I hope his eyes weren't dilated.   I love and miss you mom. 

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