Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time Flies
Two weeks, two Thursdays and a Monday.  Here is what has come of it besides the commissions I'm working on. 
Bunmi was back posing for our Monday group.  She was actually the first model I painted with this group.  She wore a purple head dress that day. (Former post)  I love painting with these people.  Truly a great bunch of individuals and artist.  This was a three hour pose.   

Bunmi is a wonderful model and I need to get her for our Thursday group.  She got back into the pose perfectly after every break.  I love all the reflected light in this.  Her head dress was so fun to paint.  I hope you can zoom in and see some of the brushwork.
Jessica modeled for our Thursday group and these are two of the 20 minute sketches.  I hope to come back at some point and do a finished painting of the second one.
I was so intrigued by the light on her hair.  Jessica has this beautiful black hair.  Part of the challenge for me during this session was capturing the color of her hair in the light. We are often influenced by what we know instead of what we see.  At the Monday group with Bunmi several people just used yellow ochre for the head dress and darkened it in the shadows.  They knew her head dress was a yellow/gold and that was that.  I find that when I look for the subtle changes in value and temperature and am successful in applying those subtle nuances to the surface it makes the resulting passage more life like.  It makes the yellow of her head dress in this instance appear more yellow!  You can see this again in the 20 minute sketch below. 

This was another 20 minute pose.  I really enjoy painting Jessica.  That hair!!!!!!
I omitted the big purple bow she wore in this one.  I find the section of this painting on the shadow side of her neck and shoulder with the suggestion of the background so interesting.  A few strokes in the right value with the right temperature can really sing.  Now if I could accomplish that everywhere in the painting I'd have something.

Little blurry on the close up but you can see the color. 

Usually we do a double 20 the last hour of our Thursday session and this painting came out of that.  You may recognize the chair from the painting I did of Coulter.  I finished this at home in my studio.  I was considering calling this "What? You don't like my bow?"  But I decided to go with "The Purple Bow".  I know!  I need to work on naming these. 

Close up, obviously....

Here is a quick 20 minute sketch of Dave dressed as a Renaissance Man.  He is a fellow artist who makes incredible costumes and is a wonderful model.  He also posed as a Pirate and a Colonialist. 

Jo was the model for the Monday group and she came in this lovely Sari.  She is a tiny lady.  This is the result of that three hour session.  I'm happy with how bright the Sari looks.  The chair she is sitting on was draped with a grey cloth.  Pulling the purple made the orange and red pop.  After racing the clock every Thursday three hours seems like such a luxery. 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Faces and Figures Juried Show
Two of my paintings were juried into the National Exhibition,
Faces & Figures
The show ran from February 2 - March 8 at the Visual Arts Center in Punta Gorda, Florida
Pink Kimono with Pearls

Fall Color
Pink Kimono with Pearls was the end result of a 20 minute sketch from the Thursday am WAL Figure Group and Fall Color was one I did of my daughter. (previous blog)
I put some $ into framing these two paintings and they are glorious!  It was also my maiden voyage into shipping artwork for shows.  Thankfully I know a fabulous artist Annie Walker who was kind enough to share with me how she did it.  I now have two "Strong Boxes" that I can ship artwork in safely. 
I will be using these "Strong Boxes" to ship the following two paintings to another show that I was juried into in Dallas! 
"Ever Dawning Spring"
Called to Serve Series "Sister McQuay"
Caitlan McQuay came and sat for me in my studio for this painting.  I taught her in church for 4 years and absolutely love this girl.  She is now serving a full time mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Colorado.  It was so fun.  She would sneek out of her house so her parents didn't know what she was doing and pose for 3 hours.  We did this three separate days.  I gave her breaks of course and we had to go to lunch too.  Her family absolutely love the painting and are kind enough to let me show it in the "Rites of Spring Show" at the Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas.

"The Dying Swan Prepares"
Rachel Mead a professional ballerina who is in between jobs who modeled for three other ladies and myself in January.  This is a painting that I did during the morning we were together.  I finished it at home in my studio and can't wait to work on the other one I started later that afternoon.  She is a beautiful dancer and a wonderful model.  She has since modeled for the Thursday WAL group and has won them all over as well!  There isn't enough time to paint all the things I want to let alone the things I've been commissioned too!

James Dean Style

Coulter was the model for the WAL Thursday am Life Group.  He did great and came with three different outfits.  I absolutely love the challenge of the 20 minute poses.  Above are two sketches from two different 20 minute poses.
The last hour of our 3 hour session we usually do a double 20.  Above you can see the result of this 20 minute pose we had Coulter resume again after a short break hence the "double 20".  I was tickled with it and went home and painted on it until I got this!


When I took it into the other room to show my husband he said "that reminds me of James Dean". 
Sure enough!  So that's what I'm calling this painting. 
 "James Dean Style"

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three Hour Pose

I thought it would be fun to post something about the process on a three hour session.  These are all from the Monday group that I meet with in the Woodlands.  

We arrive and set up to paint in between 9:00 and 9:30.  The earlier  you are the better your spot.  

The model poses for 20 minutes and then gets a ten minute break.  This is after the first twenty minutes.





Below is a detail of "Snow White".  When I got home I wiped it off so I could use the canvas for something else.  

We usually get in 6/20 minutes.  This lady came in costume as Snow White.

Below is "Oksana".  She was quite attractive but had a hard time keeping the pose.  

Below is a young guy named Aloshia.  He was fabulous!

He got back into the pose after each break with no problem.  

He kept the intensity of his gaze throughout the session.

It is sooooo nice to work with a good model.  The likeness comes so easy when you don't have to compensate for movement.

I like having the model pose with my painting so you can see the likeness.  

Liza was another fabulous model.  She is the soon to be daughter-in-law of Robin Williamson who comes all the way from Sugarland to paint with the group.  Robin is very accomplished.  Google her and you can see some of her work.   




She held the pose so well.  Lovely girl.

This guy was fun to paint.  He was a great model and the Canadian brother of Suzie Baker.  There is a painters in our group who speaks french and he and the model had quite a conversation. 

 I feel I have made so much progress in these past few months because of these life groups.  I also attend a life group on Thursday where the model does shorter poses.  Twenty minutes goes by so incredibly fast.  I'll post about that later.   

Santa and an Early Christmas Present

Santa and an early Christmas present.

Tis the season to paint Santa!  The scheduled model for the Monday life group was Santa!

 How awesome is that?  Suzie Baker, a wonderful artist, who paints with the Monday group arranged for Santa.  She brought a beautiful screen, fabric, Christmas Tree, and chair for the jolly old man.  He was holding a mug as well.  Suzie's painting was wonderful and captured the whole scene.  My angle missed most of that so I just focused on the face.

I loved the little square glasses that he wore.  This was a three hour session.  I put the glasses in on the last 20 minutes he sat for us.  

This tassel was so fun it popped out right away.  I liked that it seemed as if you could reach out and grab it.

This was the painting at the end of our session with Santa.

In my studio at home I indicated that he had an arm, softened the top of his hat and brought out the fur a little bit more.   

Here is Santa with my painting of him.  I'm so glad he took time out of his busy season to come and sit for us.  Starlee was very excited when she got home from school to see that I had painted Santa.

Christmas came early for me this year when I attended the luncheon following our Monday group with all the other artists who participate.  Joe Collard and his sweet wife hosted.  They have a beautiful collection of artwork in their home and I was delighted and amazed to discover that they had an original Daniel Gerhartz!

My first Gerhartz!  I've be painting in my dreams with my buddy Dan (previous posts) and now I finally had the privilege of seeing one of his pieces in person.  LAAAAAAAA!

Of course I ran out to the car to get my camera so I could take pictures of it!  This is me basking in the glory!  Thank you Joe.  Joe has been to two workshops with Dan Gerhartz!  My turn.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hopkinson studio visit

 Last week I had the opportunity to visit the new Glen S. Hopkinson studio in Byron Wyoming.  Glen had the sign that hung in his father, Harold I. Hopkinson's (One great artist and man) studio.  As my sister-in-law Dori and I walked in we were treated to the musical styling of Mr. Hopkinson.

While I don't remember the selection I do remember the impression it left on me.  Glen Showed us around and talked about some of the paintings.  He told us that his studio also doubled as a place for the Byron town council to meet.  The space is the old "Cozzen's Cash" grocery store.  It would be awesome if you could still get a frozen treat and soda there!

I loved this winter scene.

This is one of Glen's sculptures.  I absolutely love it!  I think it was called "The Tinker". Growing up my parents had one of his sculptures as well.  "He Aint Heavy" in my opinion it was one of the best pieces in their collection.  

This is a wonderful piece with Prayer Rock.  Prayer Rock is a local landmark with a great story behind it.

I love Glen's western work.  Both he and his father could paint a beautiful horse and Indian.

One of my favorite things about Glen is his sense of humor.  Who else has a holster for his brushes?  He pulled that brush out and flipped it in the air and caught it by the handle.  

That wonderful sense of humor finds it's way into many of his paintings.

As well as the things he surrounds himself with!

The Hopkinson studio doubles as a playground for this fine artist.  I appreciate all the tips and the private tour.  Thank you Glen and I look forward to actually painting with you next time I'm in town.  You rock!