Saturday, December 29, 2012

Three Hour Pose

I thought it would be fun to post something about the process on a three hour session.  These are all from the Monday group that I meet with in the Woodlands.  

We arrive and set up to paint in between 9:00 and 9:30.  The earlier  you are the better your spot.  

The model poses for 20 minutes and then gets a ten minute break.  This is after the first twenty minutes.





Below is a detail of "Snow White".  When I got home I wiped it off so I could use the canvas for something else.  

We usually get in 6/20 minutes.  This lady came in costume as Snow White.

Below is "Oksana".  She was quite attractive but had a hard time keeping the pose.  

Below is a young guy named Aloshia.  He was fabulous!

He got back into the pose after each break with no problem.  

He kept the intensity of his gaze throughout the session.

It is sooooo nice to work with a good model.  The likeness comes so easy when you don't have to compensate for movement.

I like having the model pose with my painting so you can see the likeness.  

Liza was another fabulous model.  She is the soon to be daughter-in-law of Robin Williamson who comes all the way from Sugarland to paint with the group.  Robin is very accomplished.  Google her and you can see some of her work.   




She held the pose so well.  Lovely girl.

This guy was fun to paint.  He was a great model and the Canadian brother of Suzie Baker.  There is a painters in our group who speaks french and he and the model had quite a conversation. 

 I feel I have made so much progress in these past few months because of these life groups.  I also attend a life group on Thursday where the model does shorter poses.  Twenty minutes goes by so incredibly fast.  I'll post about that later.   


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