Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hopkinson studio visit

 Last week I had the opportunity to visit the new Glen S. Hopkinson studio in Byron Wyoming.  Glen had the sign that hung in his father, Harold I. Hopkinson's (One great artist and man) studio.  As my sister-in-law Dori and I walked in we were treated to the musical styling of Mr. Hopkinson.

While I don't remember the selection I do remember the impression it left on me.  Glen Showed us around and talked about some of the paintings.  He told us that his studio also doubled as a place for the Byron town council to meet.  The space is the old "Cozzen's Cash" grocery store.  It would be awesome if you could still get a frozen treat and soda there!

I loved this winter scene.

This is one of Glen's sculptures.  I absolutely love it!  I think it was called "The Tinker". Growing up my parents had one of his sculptures as well.  "He Aint Heavy" in my opinion it was one of the best pieces in their collection.  

This is a wonderful piece with Prayer Rock.  Prayer Rock is a local landmark with a great story behind it.

I love Glen's western work.  Both he and his father could paint a beautiful horse and Indian.

One of my favorite things about Glen is his sense of humor.  Who else has a holster for his brushes?  He pulled that brush out and flipped it in the air and caught it by the handle.  

That wonderful sense of humor finds it's way into many of his paintings.

As well as the things he surrounds himself with!

The Hopkinson studio doubles as a playground for this fine artist.  I appreciate all the tips and the private tour.  Thank you Glen and I look forward to actually painting with you next time I'm in town.  You rock!  

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  1. What a fun experience. It's always fun to see other people's studios.