Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jordan Arbour Portrait

This is the commissioned portrait I just finished of Jordan Arbour.  He is an extremely gifted pianist who has overcome many challenges to be where he is today.  It was such a pleasure to paint this exceptional young man.  This is the largest canvas that I have worked on.  36/48"  Bigger is better.  I loved the freedom the larger format offered. 

I took hundreds of photo's of Jordan in his home as he played the piano.  It was incredible!  The setting was gorgeous as was the music that he made.  It was non-stop.  I loved the back lighting and the dreamlike quality that it gave. 

Did you notice the Steinway & Son's.  That was a fun little bit to include.  I almost added gold leaf.
I really wanted to play with the edges in this piece.  Close ups are great for showing this!
I loved the needlepoint cushion on the piano bench.  I grew up with something similar but not nearly as padded.  It was just another beautiful detail that I had to make sure stayed in a supporting role.

Jordan's brother and I thought it would be fun to have Beethoven making a surprised face. Reason prevailed.  I will check back through the photos and see if I got any of that expression before it was resolved in a more appropriate fashion.

This floral arrangement and bowl were lovely and I had so much detail in this area that it took attention away from Jordan.  I had to knock it back so the focus would remain where it needed to be. 

The Arbours are such an awesome family to work with.  I enjoyed having them drop by and check on the paintings progress.  I'm looking forward to seeing this large canvas framed.

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