Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Highway Robbery

I wanted to try out some of the things that I had learned from Rob Liberace's demo so I asked my kids if they would sit for me.  Coulter said he would but was gone all day and Kaylee was too.  Starlee wanted to play with a friend but they weren't home so I told her I would pay her to sit for me.
This is what I got from 2/20 minute sessions with her.  She did amazingly well for the first 20 minutes!  She held the pose and I was thinking "Sweet!  I've got a good, cheep model here."  The second 20 went pretty well but she did not want to get back into the pose for the last 20.  She fussed and complained and said she needed more money to do this.  I may have gotten five more minutes out of the little stinker at that point.  $38 later I think she got the better of me.  40$ an hour at the age of  nine.  What a business woman! 
You can tell that she really loved every minute of it too.  I'll give her some time and a check and hopefully she will do it again.  She is lovely with that blond hair and blue eyes.  I told her next time she can pick the outfit too.

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  1. I don't know, that's a lot to ask of a 9 year old :0
    $40/hr to sit still, look in the same direction, be quiet, not yell at your brother cuz you can hear him going through your stuff upstairs etc, is a lot to ask of anyone! Amazing job, Krystal. What a beautiful heritage you are giving your children.