Tuesday, January 4, 2011

 This was at the last sitting. Cerise had been to my studio for four two hour sessions. She did a great job and I really enjoyed the time we spent together.

We listened to music and Cerise introduced me to “Nevershoutnever”. The song I associate with this portrait is “On the Bright Side”.

This is how I saw things.  I loved the fabric behind Cerise.  You will notice that in the image at the top the fabric was hung different.  We were together for the sittings once a week.  During the rest of the time things got moved around and changed because it is a multi use room.

Cerise (mother) and her husband came in to see the portrait at this time and were very pleased.  I was excited to see their reaction. 

When Cerise left after the last sitting I found the dark shadow line of the background in my composition very distracting.  Thank heavens the way the fabric draped on the last day was my favorite of all so after Cerise left I went back in and changed it.  You can see the change starting below.


  1. Such gorgeous work! You have such a beautiful talent.

  2. She is a beauty! You failed to mention my endless crying when I saw it completed. You know I cried for weeks every time I looked at it. You created a masterpiece for time and hopefully all eternity! Cerise (mother). Time to paint Jordan!