Thursday, September 3, 2009

I did this painting while Coulter napped the summer he turned two. He would sleep for a good three hours every day at the same time of day so I decided to paint this barrel of flowers. I was nearly finished with it when a butterfly lit for just a moment on one of the blooms.
I then decided that I needed to have a few butterflies in this painting. I spent hours trying to catch butterflies. When I finally did catch one I pinned it to a potato wedge and placed it in the flowers where I wanted it. I then changed the butterfly’s position and moved it to a new location. I got the Monarch butterfly off of the grill of my car.
I did this painting from a photograph that I had taken when a few families, ours included went camping on the Boulder River in Montana. I sold it to the little girl’s mom and it has special meaning for them.

My brother Scotty asked me to paint this picture for him. It is after a painting that was in the Ensign magazine. The painting was called Engidi Falls. I painted this in my mother's front room while we were visiting one summer. It is hanging in my brother's house on his rock fireplace in this copper colored frame and it looks very nice.

"Devils Canyon" if you have ever walked in from the top you will recognize this view. However I omitted the bridge. This is one of the most beautiful places and also one of the best streams to fish. I grew up going to this canyon but never went down and in from the mountain until I was married.

I took rolls and rolls of film and fished with my new Ultra Light fishing pole that my husband had given me as a wedding present. The fishing rod did not survive the trip but the film did. I loved painting this. It was easy to imagine the Big Horn Sheep navigating the cliff ledges. This painting hangs in Dr. Scott P. Welch’s operatory. He also has an old painting I did in college haging in his office. I will get a picture of that next time I'm there.

I painted this one summer while visiting my parents. I would walk a block and a half south of my parents and set up my easel in the mornings and work until the light changed too much. The lady who tended this incredible garden would come out and visit and tell me what she was planting and changing. It took me three or four days to finish this. When I was home this summer it made me sad every time I went by this house. There isn’t a single flower there anymore. “Perennials” 20X30, oil on canvas, hangs in a private collection.

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