Friday, August 28, 2009


This is a painting that I did for fun of my youngest daughter Starlee. I had just finished a commission and had decided to do one for me. To loosen up a bit and have fun again. I had "In the Studio with Dan Gerhartz" going in the background when I started this. I told everyone that I had been painting with my buddy Dan. No one got it but me. I was also pouring over Susan Lyon's new book "Visions and Voyages" at this time and tried some new things. I loosened up a lot and really put the paint on. Scott Burdick's work was rolling in a slide show at this time as well. I guess I'm starved to be working with other artists. I learned a lot in this painting and it is now one of my favorites.

The morning after I started this painting I found my youngest daughter, Starlee, sitting on a little step stool in front of it and she said "I just love this painting." Too cute. I need to take a picture of her admiring her.

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  1. You are incredible!! I love your use of light... so much life and feeling in your paintings.